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Georgetown University Rugby Football Club Raises Funds for Dog Tag Bakery

Thursday, 27. February 2014 21:21

Last week the Georgetown University Rugby Football Club raised $6,000 for Dog Tag Bakery, the nonprofit bakery and training program started by Father Richard Curry and supported by Connie Milstein. The money was raised through an intrasquad round-robin tournament held Friday, Feb. 25.

The idea for the fundraiser goes back much farther. Former Georgetown University Rugby Football Club President Robert Rosa took a class with Father Curry as a college sophomore. Father Curry approached Rosa and the men’s team last May and asked to plan an event.

“I wanted to do this because Father Curry has helped so many people and doesn’t ask for anything in return, so we really wanted to give back to him,” Rosa said. “It was for the veteras, but it was also for him because he’s such an incredible person who has helped so many.”

Dog Tag Bakery is a work-study program for disabled military veterans and their spouses. The program participants split their time between working at the bakery, located on Grace Street in Georgetown, and attended entrepreneurship classes in the School of Continuing Studies.

“All of the guys were really on board just because of what the cause was,” Rosa said. “It was just a very small thing we can do for these men and women who are willing to sacrifice everything, a small showing of our gratitude for these heroes who have given everything for our country.

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